What you will learn from this LIVE training  by serial property investor, author and developer Aziz Patel:

How auctions operate in England and Wales
Where to find auctions
How to spot a deal
The costs of buying at auction
Your maximum bid price
How to handle the legal aspects of the purchase
How auctioneers operate
The best bidding strategies
How to sell at auctions
The pitfalls you must know
How to avoid losing money
Hidden Language in Auction Rooms
Why Buy via Auction?
The Business of Property Auctions Behind the scenes
Case studies of auction house stock
Property auction sellers
Types of auction houses
Types of auction buyers
How to source an auction property
The signs of a repossessed property
Pre-viewing research
Discussing the legal pack
How to finance the purchase
Auction Sale Day
What happens if delayed or unable to complete?
How to raise capital in 2018 without mortgage and credit
How to access private lenders
Examples of properties purchased before, during and post-auction
When to contact agents and vendors post-auction
The language pattern and techniques when negotiating deals with auctioneers before and after auctions

Aziz Patel: Author, Speaker and Property Maestro

Renowned dynamic entrepreneur, speaker and property maestro, Aziz facilitates entrepreneurs in transforming their wealth from the inside out, with street-smart investing strategies and breakthroughs. Aziz is an active investor and developer, with a diverse residential and commercial portfolio that spans across the United Kingdom.

He has been on a mission for over two decades to inspire, empower and facilitate entrepreneurs in becoming financially free, delivering seminars and workshops for organisations and entrepreneurs in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

Aziz started his investing journey during childhood, fortunate during his teen’sto be mentored by some of the greatest minds in personal development, investing and business arena. From humble beginnings of livingin a 1bedroom rented flat with his family, from flipping burgers part time for a fast food chain, to successfully acquiringa former mill owner’s residence 
at a property auction before his 18th birthday.

A passion for buying auction property was born. Aziz was on a mission tohelp others achieve their goals through his knowledge and skills of earlier NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training, success coaching and creative investing strategies. He was a pioneer in developing one of the first UK student lettings agencies in the UK, ventures followed by residential lettings and management, estate agency, telecoms franchisee, media, health and wellness spa’s soon followed.

Whilst still in his early 20’s,he was recognised for his efforts and service to the community with Young Achievers Award by Sir Richard Branson. Aziz has sinceguided hundreds of entrepreneurstowards millions of pounds of profit before and since the last property boom... from acquiring, controlling and selling using his renowned expertise of property auctions.

His extraordinary results professionally in senior executive roles throughout business and leadership is not just off the field. Having been an avid football player and popular athlete, is a serving ambassador of Santa Maria Foundation Charity, having recently returned from summiting the Base Camp of Mount Everest, an upcoming author of a number of business professional development programs, including Property Auctions and is regarded one of UK’s sought after speakers in helping investors become 7 figure entrepreneurs.